Rooster Street Provisions

October 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I finally made it to Rooster Street Provisions. Kristina and Tony are delightful.
There address is:
17 West High Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
I purchases some of their Mustard Brown Sugar Bacon, Andouille and Boudin sausage. We tried the bacon this morning and it was excellent. The other items will have to wait. I cannot eat them all in one day.
This is one of those rare finds. I wish them the best of luck. I will certainly travel to Elizabethtown to support them
Reviews of the other items I purchased will follow as I try them.
10/30 – Tried the boudin sausage. Let me preface my remarks by saying there are probably as many recipes out there for boudin as there are people making it. My preference is sausage with a bit more texture and I found their’s to be a bit pasty, for lack of a better term. There was also a flavor missing that I am use to having in my boudin but I could not determine exactly what it was. There’s had a really nice heat level and if this was your introduction to boudin, this could well be your favorite.
11/1 – I also purchased a piece of Country Terrine with Pistachios and Pum. I’m not sure what the Pum is but I believe it have some pork head meat in it. I could get use to this. I served it with a bit of hot mustard on Stoned Wheat Thins. Excellent snack.


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