Smoking Baby Back Ribs & Brisket

May 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

This weekend I plan to smoke two baby back ribs and a small beef brisket. I am using Pork Rub from Bobby Flay for the ribs and a Brown Sugar Brisket rub for the brisket.
I have been reading up on when to apply the rubs to the meat. It seems the general consensus is that, if the rub contains salt, you should apply it about an hour before you are ready to start smoking or it will draw out too much moisture. I will give this method a try.
We will be eating the ribs on Sunday and saving the brisket for during the week. I am also planning on making smoked baked beans, corn bread and either macaroni or potato salad. We still need to decide that. I also may make coleslaw and a pineapple upside down cake. Depends on how much time I have.
Well, the ribs did not turn out. The rub I used just did not work and they could have been more tender. I know I need to find a better place for my smoker. It is just too windy on the back deck.
I hope the rub for the brisket turned out better.
We had the smoked brisket last Wednesday. Sliced the brisket thin and sautéed it with some bbq sauce. Made some tasty sandwiches..
All in all, I learned a lot from this attempt. I need to move the smoker to keep it out the the wind. I could not keep it up to temperature. I need to find a better rub for the pork, maybe just salt and pepper next time. Not sure what the next smoking attempt will be.


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