April 29, 2016 § Leave a comment

Well, I’ve had an interesting couple of week.  On Thursday, March 30th I had Rotator Cup and Carpel Tunnel surgery on my right shoulder and hand. Of course I am right-handed to make matters worse.  It certainly up the skids on my cooking.

I have been lucky that my wife has taken very good care of me and that I have listened to both her and the doctor so I am progressing nicely.  I have been in a sling since the operation and fortunately I can lose the sling on May 5th and I start PT on May 6th.  We will see how that goes.

Just to catch everyone up on our goings on, we finished the kitchen remodel just prior to Thanksgiving, 2015. We actually removed everything from the kitchen, two closets, a powder room and the laundry.  Put down an 18 x 18 inch terra cotta ceeramic floor, repainted the cabinets and installed hidden hinges in them.  We added two cherry bar tops, quartz countertops and a new stove.  I opted for a 30″ BlueStar range, which I must admit, is excellent.  I could not have made a better choice.  We also put a pot-filler in beside the stove.  I just could not help myself.  Photos of the remodel are on my Facebook page under Kitchen Remodel.

That about covers it for now.  On to Cooking!



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